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Are you an endowed and enthusiastic entrepreneur who have big plans for the future but you just can’t find a reliable business partner? Are you tired of projects falling short of expectation? Stay tuned and learn about us.

In the internet era, an increase in online business is evident, so are businesses providing online services. However, plenty of online agencies provide mediocre services. The trick is to make a good judgment when choosing an agency, but how do you do it? It’s quite a nuisance when the project you signed up for turns out be messy and of low-quality.

Then again, if you do the best on your part and hope for the best from the company’s part, we are on the same page.

Who We Are

Socialfuel is a Houston Web Site Development & Branding Design agency with the aim of providing top-notch services, building trust with customers, and helping our clients reach their business goals.

We greatly take pride in what we do because this is our passion and we are 24/7 dedicated to this cause. To stay on the right track, we have formed a set of principles as our cornerstone for many years to come:

  • One-on-one project management with our creative director
  • A few years of experience in this field
  • A tendency of being innovative
  • Upfront and clear communication
  • 24/7 available
  • Affordable prices
  • First-class results

Our Work

Socialfuel has also made sure to be completely transparent. In this section, you will find some of our most recent work. This also makes room for your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts. We will be glad to hear you out.

Our Services

We offer services in the following industries:

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Marketing


We are very honored to both pass our knowledge on young web design enthusiasts and share insights to seasoned pros who want to keep up with the latest trends and pave their way in the world of web design and generally IT.

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In case you want to make business, share advice, or just get in touch with us, feel free to reach out to us by picking up the phone, sending us an email, or filling in the website form.

What is Web Design?

Have you ever come across the concepts such as UI/UX, SEO, ranking, layout and more? If yes, you in all probability have a notion of what web design is.

With the advent of the internet came a myriad of new jobs and a set of skills that people could work on. These jobs and skills are interconnected to a great extent, and to be good at one thing, you have to at least know the basics of the other. Such is the case with web design, as well – a process of creating a website that includes conceptualizing, planning, and presenting the content in the electronic form on electronic web pages. In plain language, to be a web designer, you’ll have to be good at a number of things like numbers, colors, graphics and such.

Elements of Web Design

As aforementioned lines support, web design is a mixture of technologies revolving around the same point – the internet. To create content in the form of web pages, you need to master a few skills such as:

Layout - The aim of a good layout is to arrange things such as text, graphics, and ads in the correct order to create a balanced and consistent content

Color - Choosing the right colors that convey the personality of the founder can attract clientele.

Graphics - Photos, logos, icons, or clipart, if placed accordingly, will not slow down the loading process of the website.

Fonts - Fonts are also known for their capacity to attract potential visitors and customers. Make sure to choose wisely – and if you are not sure about the choice – take your pick from the so-called “web-safe fonts.”

Content - This is maybe the most important point in creating a good web page because it all comes down to what you say throughout the written content. Written content is supposed to be relevant, up-to-date, and catchy in order to grab the reader’s attention and make him stay a bit longer on the web page. Also, due to the strong internet competition, web pages should be optimized for search engines in order to rank as good as possible in Google search.

There is a great number of companies offering web design services all around the world and US. Houston, or Houston web design - another name for the city – is one of the US cities with the most registered web design companies.


5 Significant Web Design Houston Trends

Trends in web design are changing every day.  Web design Houston trends are also changing simultaneously with the global trends. Every web designer need to have this in mind, but if you could progressively advance your knowledge every day you could not suffer any setback. Research is key here! Let’s have a detailed overview of these changing trends.

The Use of Grid Layouts.

It could be seen as an obvious thing to do, but ask many designers? They either have no idea that this is a rising trend especially for blogs. The grid layouts seems enticing to the readers and also easy to scroll through content.

Live Chat Support.

Many websites doesn’t have a live chat support system. It could seem tiring, but you know what? It is an easier way to sell your brand. Though involving you need to ensure 24/7 support for your live chat system. If you have a website consider adjusting it to possess a live chat support system.

Quality Video’s

Many visitors could bounce back from your website if they don’t get the required information faster. The use of Video makes it easy for visitors to understand what you really offer. It’s a better way to ensure more conversion from your website.

Push Notifications.

You cannot assume this, as a new trend especially for people accessing your website through the desktops. You need to ensure your website have the push notification capability. Web designers will always guide you if you have any challenge doing this.

Images against Text.

Images talk a lot visually to your website visitors and therefore ensuring clear and high quality images on your website is not optional anymore, it’s a must. Many people hate reading a lot and therefore you need to ensure they understand your brand faster.

Trends in web design are changing every day – It isn’t a lie. What is the best way to approach this, I don’t know, but it is better if you understood the significant  Web design Houston  trends vividly. Always consider carrying out more research to make your website sell your brand the best.