Distracted Driving in Houston

Texting and driving, also know as distracted driving, is an epidemic in Houston and across the United States. The epidemic is responsible for numerous car crash injuries and death. Courts are beginning to hold third parties liable for distracted driving accidents when an accident involves a driver who was texting and receiving texts. Furthermore, investigations after car accidents are getting more proficient when identifying cases where distracted driving caused a car crash.

The distracted driving epidemic has become so significant that last year the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) suggested mobile phones and similar devices should get linked to in-vehicle systems. The idea is that connecting a device to an in-vehicle system could prevent the use of the device when a car gets engaged for driving. The NHSA is calling on auto manufacturers to implement such technologies in a way to ensure that drivers won’t have the option of bypassing available safety features.

However, it’s also incumbent upon drivers to utilize some similar technologies that are already available. For instance, many devices on the market today allow drivers to use a “drivers mode” function. This feature disables the device except for emergency calls. Additionally, individuals who know that a person is driving should avoid sending that person text messages. Otherwise, if a plaintiff’s injury attorney could show that third party was aware that a person responsible for a car accident was receiving text messages, the third party could be liable for negligence.

If you get in a car crash, and you believe that text messaging or distracted driving was a factor, you should find a qualified personal injury law firm in Houston. A Houston personal injury attorney can evaluate the strengths of your claim, and a Houston personal injury attorney can identify liable parties whether the responsible party is a driver, third party, or an auto manufacturer.